Hazardous Materials and Transportation Course

We're excited to help you get involved in Pyrotechnics and Special Events. The purpose of this course is to prepare you for safe handling and transportation of fireworks. Please read the articles and watch the videos.

Questions? Comments? Please email training@pyrospec.com.

Location Specific Contacts

Aaron Beargeon
Rialto, CA
Pyro South Administration

Office: 909-355-8120 x233
E-Mail: abeargeon@pyrospec.com
Margo Lund
Rialto, CA
Pyro South Administration

Office: 888-477-PYRO 
E-Mail: mlund@pyrospec.com
Pat M. Dyas
Northern California
Bay Area Show Producer

Office: 808-866-7411
Mobile: 808-866-7411
E-Mail: pdyas@pyrospec.com
David Mosley 
McClellan, CA
Sacramento Area Dispatch

Office: 916-640-0173
Mobile: 916-367-2426
E-Mail: dmosley@pyrospec.com
Denise Ray
McClellan, CA
Pyro North Administration

Office: 916-640-0173
E-Mail: dray@pyrospec.com
Rich Vaughan
Spokane, WA
Way North Dispatch

Office: 916-640-0173
Mobile: 916-849-0085
E-Mail: rvaughan@pyrospec.com

Please note, this enrollment is by invitation only. Please contact your area coordinator if you would like enrollment into this course.